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The Next Night of Great Thirst Will Take Place on...

The 9th International Gueuze & Kriek Festival of the Pajottenland, also commonly known as the Night of the Great Thirst, will take place on Friday, 21st April 2023 in Itterbeek (Dilbeek). From 7 PM onwards, visitors can savour Lambic, Gueuze, Kriek, Faro, Framboise and numerous other products from producers of the Pajottenland and the Senne Valley.

The Gueuze Society unites lambic and gueuze fans from Belgium and abroad. The association was founded in 2012 and promotes the regional products of the Pajottenland (more specifically the region's beers of spontaneous fermentation such as lambic, gueuze, kriek and other lambic beers) by organising festivals and lectures. The Gueuze Society aims to bring gueuze enthusiasts together.

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