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The Day of the Lambic

2017: 10th edition of the Day of the Lambic

Anyone who wants to taste different types of lambic, is most welcome on Saturday 2nd December, 2017 between 3 PM and 10 PM at 'The House of Gueuze' warehouse (Nellekenstraat 42A, 1750 Lennik - Eizeringen).

Many people do not know what lambic is. Therefore, our association wants to put the oldest (still existing) beer in the world in the spotlight. Until a few centuries ago, there were only beers of spontaneous fermentation. This method of brewing was quite common for over 5,000 years, but at present is almost only used in this part of Brabant. Lambic was in the middle ages in our region a very common beer.

One can seldomly taste such a large selection of Lambic beers in one place. That is what makes the Day of the Lambic so special.

The 10th Day of the Lambic is organised by the Gueuze Society. Admission is free.