Pajottenland Folk Café - Arjaun in Concert

We welcome you on Sunday 18 July from 4 pm onwards
in the Dekenijtuin (Andreas Masiusplein)
with an exquisite selection of regional beers and wines.
You can enjoy the beers of Vrijstaat Vanmol,
the quality wines of Dappersveld-Woestijn
as well as a fine selection of lambic, kriek and gueuze.
The bottle list will be made available very soon!

From 7 PM there will be performances by the 


Stef & De Tong (ex-Katastroof)

and the Pajot folk group (winner of the HORAL Award 2019)



Entrance: 5 EUR (incl. free drink).
Register via

This event is organised by vzw Het Geuzegenootschap
in collaboration with Vrijstaat Vanmol, Wijndomein Dappersveld and Het Huis van de Geuze.

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